‘He Didn't Deserve to Get Shot': Good Samaritan Who Helped Ralph Yarl Found Him Bloody and Motionless

James Lynch said his Eagle Scout training kicked in and he checked the teen's pulse and tried to stanch the blood in a neighbor's driveway before paramedics arrived.

James Lynch had just gotten out of the shower Thursday night and was getting ready for bed when he heard shouting outside. The 42-year-old went over to his kitchen window and saw a boy banging on the door of a nearby home, begging for help and screaming "I've been shot."

Lynch, a father of three, said he ran outside, jumped his fence and sprinted through a neighbor’s yard and across the street to another neighbor's driveway and found Ralph Paul Yarl, the Black teenager who was shot by a homeowner after having rung the wrong doorbell, lying motionless and covered in blood.

"I thought he was dead," Lynch said Monday.

“No one deserves to lay there like that,” Lynch said. “He hasn’t even begun to live his life yet. He didn’t deserve to get shot.”

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Community members in Kansas City, Missouri, gathered to demand justice for 16-year-old Ralph Yarl, who was shot after he rang the wrong doorbell, apparently mistaking the residence for one that was a block away
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