Firefighters respond to fire alarm at Westchester farm, but call was just horse play

Bedford Fire Department/Facebook

It wasn't a barn burner by any accounts, but there was a brief scare when a fire alarm was pulled at a farm in Westchester County. But no fire was found — turns out, it was just some horse play.

Crews from the Bedford Fire Department responded to a farm on Guard Hill Road Monday morning after a fire alarm was set off. But there was no fire and no person had been near the fire alarm.

The only one close to the alarm? A horse named Jax.

Authorities believe Jax reached out of his stall and bit down on the alarm, setting it off.

The department said he refused to answer any questions at the scene, offering only neighs when asked if he knew anything about it.

Here's hoping he was warned about horsing around in the future.

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